A call for volunteers!

Following the discussion at the AGM, the Board is interested in striking the following committees and is looking for volunteers to start the necessary committee work this fall. Please share however possible with your membership via emails, phone calls, texts, Facebook, at meetings, on notice boards, word of mouth, etc.! Those interested in joining can contact: admin.manager@mountainclubs.org


  • Fundraising – This is a fun one and is open to all: directors, reps and members at large. Members will learn about the constraints of funding, including potential uses and purposes of grants as opposed to other fundraising strategies. Members should be willing to share their ideas, innovation and most importantly their time! Someone who has an interest and/or experience in grant writing, including the follow through and closure, would be invaluable. Grant funds can be used for specific FMCBC projects such as printing Cloudburst. Fundraising besides grants can be used for improving general operations. More details (terms of reference).
  • Risk Management – Again, open to anyone with knowledge and/or interest in insurance applications and programs. This committee can be technical and detailed and will be directed by the committee’s terms of reference. The committee will explore ways and means of lowering costs, evaluating and improving existing coverage and examining various possible new discretionary coverage options for the membership. More details (terms of reference).
  • Outreach & Communications – This committee is also open to all. The Board is looking for folks with skills and experience—especially with social media—and a real interest in exploring the best ways to share and receive news and information with all the parties on the FMCBC website and beyond, as directed by the committee’s terms of reference. This committee’s efforts will support the work of staff, at the direction of the Board. More details (terms of reference).
  • Right to Roam (R2R) – While again open to all members, due to the sensitive political and legalistic nature of this committee’s work, potential members will be reviewed. The primary objective of the R2R committee is to find the ways and means to gain access to and across private lands in order to access Crown lands. This committee’s terms of reference will be available to the committee.  More details (terms of reference).

Active Committees

Below is a list of the FMCBC’s active committees with a description of each committee and the responsibilities and goals which the members of that committee work to achieve.  If you feel you would be interested in participating on any of these committees, please contact us for more information.


Executive Committee

*Note: This is an elected committee

Current Executive Committee members

Committee roles and responsibilities


Recreation and Conservation Committee (Southwest BC)

Committee Chair: Monika Bittel

Committee member responsibilities/goals include:

  • attend monthly meetings
  • develop strategies for protection of key recreational areas and creation and maintenance of parks in BC
  • write letters to government, land and resource industries and commercial recreation to resolve conflicts

Useful Skills/Experience: liaising with government and commercial operators as well as other user groups (e.g. motorized), knowledge of local backcountry areas, letter writing, policy making

Trails Committee (Southwest BC)

Committee Co-chairs: Patrick Harrison and Alex Wallace

We are seeking more members for this committee

Committee member responsibilities/goals include:

  • trail access, trail building and maintenance
  • advocate for new trail projects
  • network with BC Parks, Ministry of Forests and Range and Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts

Useful Skills/Experience: knowledge of local trails, experience with trail building (hiking or otherwise)


Member Club Grant Committee

Each year we seek five directors to sit our our Member Club Grant Committee.

Committee member responsibilities/goals include:

  • review criteria for applications
  • assist staff with developing application form
  • review submitted applications and submit questions for applicants to staff
  • determine awards based on criteria
  • presentation of awards at FMCBC’s AGM

Useful Skills/Experience: experience writing or reviewing grant applications, experience in trail/hut building


Inactive Committees


Below is a list of the FMCBC’s inactive committees. If you feel you would be interested in restarting any of these committees, please contact us for more information.


Recreation and Conservation Committees

Fraser Valley Regional Committee

Island Delegates Regional Committee

Southern Interior Regional Committee

Provincial Advocacy Committee

Committee Chair/Staff Representative:  Vacant

The role of the members of the Advocacy Committee is to monitor potential recreation access issues across the province and develop advocacy tools for the FMCBC and its member clubs.

Committee member responsibilities/goals include:

  • Attending meetings via teleconference
  • Identifying and monitoring potential access issues across various regions of BC
  • Strategizing FMCBC’s advocacy approach
  • Writing letters and contacting government and agencies in regards to potential access issues
  • Developing an advocacy toolkit for member clubs to enhance their advocacy efforts

Experience in backcountry recreation access issues, letter writing, and working with government would be beneficial.


Bylaws Review Committee

This committee, which is activated as needed, reviews the FMCBC’s current bylaws and organizational structure and makes recommendations on bylaw revisions.  This committee also looks at the new Society’s Act to ensure that the revised bylaws are in accordance with changes in the new act.

Committee member responsibilities/goals include:

  • review current bylaws and BC Society’s Act
  • make recommendations to the board

Useful Skills/Experience: experience writing or reviewing policy documents

Useful Skills/Experience: experience writing or reviewing grant applications, experience in trail/hut building