By being a member of the FMCBC, your club and club members support the FMCBC’s work with outdoor recreation organizations, industry and government agencies to protect BC’s mountains and forests and to maintain access for non-motorized backcountry recreation across BC. The FMCBC is very active with committees dedicated to these purposes and encourages all clubs and club members to become involved by participating on a committee, writing letters, or contributing to our publications.

Each member club:

Each club’s members:

  • Have the opportunity to receive the FMCBC’s monthly e-news, with links to current hot topics around the province. You can sign up for our e-news here.
  • Have the opportunity to receive Cloudburst, the FMCBC’s magazine-style newsletter, and are encouraged to contribute articles, stories, trip reports and photos that can be shared with members across BC.

Frequently Asked Questions


If your club’s membership numbers have dropped significantly, your club may overpay the FMCBC with your first payment in June.  If this is the case, a credit will be applied to your account which will be applied in your club’s first invoice of the following year.


FMCBC membership dues are based on a club’s final membership number at the end of the club’s fiscal year (or when the club finalizes its membership numbers for the year) within the FMCBC’s fiscal year. In other words, the important thing to remember is that your final membership number is based on your club’s fiscal year, not ours.

Here are some examples:

The FMCBC’s fiscal year runs from April 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2021.

If your club’s year ends on April 30th, 2020 and you have your total number of members calculated at that time, your 2020-21 FMCBC dues will be calculated based on that number.

Feel free to contact us for assistance.


The FMCBC invoices for insurance and membership fees once per year in June.

The invoice will be sent to your FMCBC club rep. Please note: It is the responsibility of each Club Rep. to ensure their club treasurer receives the invoice and that it’s paid on time. Payment of this first invoice is due July 31.

We will be in touch in September to confirm your member numbers. If the number differs by 10% more, we will send you an invoice for the additional members.

Payment is due on July 31st. Invoices are sent to clubs early in June.


Membership dues are based on your club’s total number of memberships, but insurance dues are based on your club’s total number of individuals.  If your club has couple and/or family memberships, these count as single FMCBC memberships, but we will need to know your total number of individuals for calculating your insurance premium.  Those clubs with couple and/or family memberships will therefore need to submit two separate numbers each year.

Your club is a member of the FMCBC, but your individual members are not direct members of the FMCBC. Your club’s FMCBC membership fee is based on your total number of memberships whether there are duplicate memberships or not throughout all of the FMCBC’s member clubs.

The FMCBC is unable to cross reference which members of your club are also members of another FMCBC member club. Therefore, all members should pay their membership and insurance fee to your club unless a previous arrangement has been made. Fee reimbursement is the responsibility of the individual clubs and members, not the FMCBC.