The role of the Club Representative (Club Rep) is to act as the main communications link between their club and the FMCBC.  They will provide input to the Board as required.  Club representatives are invited to the FMCBC Annual General Meeting to participate, elect directors and approve the FMCBC’s annual budget.

Time Commitment:  Between 1-3 hours per month


The FMCBC sends out communications to club reps via the Club Rep so it is important that club reps review this and when requested, respond to emails received from the FMCBC.
Club Reps are also the people who communicate their club issues, announcements, and questions to the FMCBC, and communications from all club executives and members is welcome and encouraged.


We will invoice your club in June and in January.  Please see our Membership Fees page for full details.  The invoice is sent to the club’s FMCBC Rep and is is the Reps responsibility to forward the invoice to the club’s treasurer. The club’s FMCBC rep is responsible for ensuring the invoice is paid in a timely manner and that we receive your final membership numbers when requested.

Cloudburst and E-News

It is the responsibility of club reps to send their members a subscription link for our monthly e-news and semi-annual Cloudburst newsletter. The link is:

Subscription is optional, but should be encouraged as these publications contain important and timely information for all of our member clubs.

Meeting Attendance

FMCBC club reps are encouraged to attend the FMCBC’s Annual General Meeting which occurs late in May or early in June over a weekend. The AGM is held in a different location each year and is hosted by one of the FMCBC’s member clubs.


Club reps are encouraged to get involved in the FMCBC’s committees and may be appointed.